Launching Vlad Voievod Draula Ep. 1 Manhunt!


The wonderful moment has finally arrived, on this beautiful day of October 2nd, 2023! After years of hard work, long hours, tears and sacrifices, this new game is finally born into the world, ready to bring joy and beauty into many lives for decades to come. A small dent has been put out in the universe, something dark and beautiful, a little spark of (de)light, ready to be enjoyed for generations to come. And we get to be part of its journey, we were there the moment it was born. It was neither huge, nor perfect, but it was beautiful in its own dark and twisted way. 

Thank you all for following its journey, thank you for testing the multiple unfinished and painful iterations, thank you for sharing your feedback in these last three years, to make the game better. I managed to implement a lot from your feedback, but there is a lot more that I would like to do in future updates. So feel free to speak your mind about the game, let me know what you think about, share your impressions and feedback - those are very valuable to me because I want to improve this game, and all my future games after this. So feel free to speak your mind and let me know what you think about the game! 

For those who stood by and waited for the game for such a long time, and were always ready to support the project, I decide to offer the biggest launch discount that Steam allows: 40%. After this, during sale events, the game will be sold with a 25-35% discount for about a year or two. So I’m glad to say that the best deal is offered to those who supported the game from the beginning.

Thank you for your support during these years! 



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