Vlad Voievod Dracula Ep. 1


Vlad Voievod Dracula. Episode 1. Manhunt!

Then Hungarian army invades Wallachia and kills Vlad II Dracul, the Voievode (Warlord) of Wallachia, and install a new Voievode in his place, Voievode: Basarab the son of Dan, a servant to the Hungarian throne, who must lead Wallachia in the upcoming crusade against the Ottoman Turks. Hearing about the news, Sultan Murad II decides to send Vlad Tepes Dracula to Wallachia to regain his father's throne, to pull Wallachia out of the crusade, and make peace with the Turks. But just before leaving the capital of Edirne, Vlad Tepes Dracula is attacked by assassins. He has enemies in Edirne, who want to stop him from taking his rightful throne! 

Wishlist on Steam (link). Launching soon!  


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