Vlad Voievod Dracula Episode 1 Manhunt - Launching 2 Oct!


We have a launch date! Wishlist on Steam! 

After three years of working on the game, refining the concept after player feedback, reworking everything from the ground up - we finally have a release date: 2 Oct. 2023. So check out the Steam to wishlist the game; the trailer is attached below! 

Episode 2 is work in progress, but I'm also working on: VVD: Dungeons of Edirne (see preview here). This is a minigame with GameBoy style graphics that takes place before Episode 1. While in the Ottoman capital of Edirne, Dracula explores the dungeons and recruits one of his knights that will join him in Episode 1. So the games are connected, but also different.

Dungeons of Edirne introduces a health bar / multiple lives system (requested by players), here you play just with Dracula, one sword, one throwing weapon, and the camera will function a bit different - more updates on that later.  

Launching: 2 Oct 2023!

Steam Page (link)

Wishlist on Steam


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